Damon Harris (hombre) wrote,
Damon Harris

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How's everybody doing these days?
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f off youre still alive?! omg

I'm typing you this message from beyond the oblivion!


Just kidding I'm still alive. :)
where you at my oblivious ho?
where you been hiding?

Deleted comment

Two words.

Moose attack.
i'm fine.
i am leaving mass destruction in my wake of kingdom hearts II.
my ps2 fears me.
I'm not sure what it is, but, Disney characters in RPGs weirds me out.

But it's all good. Metal Gear Solid 3 has been keeping me occupied.

*hides in cardboard box*
you die now. KHII rocks dude.
you are so behind
HEY, the new tombraider is due out sooooooonnnnnn
so excited. are you going to play that with your tomb-raider look alike girlfriend?
I'm ridiculously in love with a nice Scottish lad who will be moving here in June, school can blow me--just one month left then I'm done for the semester, and I've spent whatever spare time I have trying to light people on fire with my mind. That's about it.
Ohhh, Alisha is all about the imports now. :)

Mind induced combustion, eh? I've been working on the mind choke (a la Darth Vader) myself.

Deleted comment

no no no. how YOUUUUU doin.
.. wow..
you're there...
you're alive and kicking...
Isn't it INSANE?! :o

Haha, how're you? Good to see you still exist as well!